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Dental Technologies

dental technologies at Perryville Dentist - dental X-rays, intra oral camera
Our dentists use the most advanced dental technologies available today. Every part of your treatment will be state-of-the-art. We use intraoral cameras as well as the all-new Diagnodent laser cavity detection to aid in diagnosis. Plus, we strive to stay up-to-date with all other new technology, whether it is for fabrication of crowns and bridges or for root canal treatment. We are proud to be the dentist of choice for patients in the Rockford area.

Digital X-Rays
Perryville Road Dentist uses digital x-rays that provide the doctor and patient with instant diagnostic x-rays of the teeth and their supporting structures. Digital x-rays have unique benefits: it reduces the amount of radiation to the patient and allows the patient and dentist to see the x-ray images on a large private viewing screen. We can adjust the resolution of the image to pinpoint cavities and increase the effectiveness of your diagnosis and treatment.

Digital Intra Oral Cameras
We use digital intraoral cameras to assist us in the diagnosis and development of your treatment. Our award winning system will allow you to become involved in your diagnosis and treatment.

One Appointment Root Canal
We use computers to assist in the endodontic (root canal) treatment for his patients. This involves using a computerized system to locate and measure your root canals to increase the efficiency and accuracy of root canal therapy for our patients. Our technology allows root canals to be completed in just 1 appointment in most cases.

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